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© Copyright 1996-2005
by David H. Hackworth
All Rights Reserved

The 'Fake' File

By Steven L. Waterman

These articles are copyrighted by VeriSEAL.org
and may only be reprinted in their entirety
with credit to VeriSEAL.org.

To report a suspected fake SEAL, please visit VeriSEAL.org

F A K E :
WGA Leader's Background Is Questioned
Inquiries by The Times to the Army and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign were made after a number of writers both in e-mails and on the Internet questioned details of Holland's widely publicized past. The queries confirmed that Holland served in the military and graduated from the school. But records provided by the Army and the university showed no evidence of Special Forces service or of a college football career. Full Story

F A K E :
Updated: 01-14-2004

Former 'Professor' gets nailed for his charade as a Silver Star recipient fake SEAL

As more and more truth oozed out of this entire story, I made a few phone calls to my friends in the Veterans' Administration and determined that David L. Silbergeld was drawing the full amount of $2367 a month, which represents 100% disability. A source close to the V.A. advised this amount was being paid for 'wounds received, and unemployability due to PTSD.' Full Story

F A K E :
Barberi, Patrick J.
He told everyone and anyone that he was one of the frogmen at Patilla Airfield and was WIA. My fellow associates advised me that Barberi was playing Airsoft, a paintball-like simulated war game where gamers dress and use weapons similar to modern US Special Operations Forces. I found that to be quite odd behavior – especially from a former so-called frogman. Full Story

F A K E :
Merle Todd "BJ" Johnson

Making it known that he was being "targeted" by enemies of varying description -- everything from shadowy government forces and foreign agents to disgruntled former associates and competitors -- Johnson had unwittingly started down a path already well-worn by countless impostors before him. Nevertheless, many of his long-time supporters appear to have accepted BJ's fanciful explanation.
Full Story

F A K E :
Greg Clark, Esq., Phony Navy SEAL

A few weeks ago VeriSEAL received a note from a concerned, former ex-SF trooper in Scottsdale, AZ inquiring about the SEAL status of a certain lawyer by the name of Greg Clark. It seems Clark spent his evenings in an upscale biker bar called the Billet Bar where he would regale the customers with his tales of derring do about his days with 'the Teams.' . Full Story

F A K E :
Bad character, fake SEAL David Bennetts

Bryan David Bennetts, South African National in the U.S. since 1988, has left a trail of fraud, theft, threats and assault against women from coast to coast during his 15-year romp across America. And he's done it all while impersonating a SEAL, an SFer, 82nd Airborne and who knows what else. He has warrants in PA., and possibly Canada, arrested for domestic violence in MO., most recently twice in Phoenix, where he is a volunteer assistant coach for the Arizona State University Women's Rugby 'Club Team', and lives with one of his players -- a former Marine -- and her young son, who just happen to be his latest victims. The best part is, INS and Phoenix PD couldn't care less about him. Full Story

War, Naive Reporters Produce Slew of Bogus Commandos
"Senior administration officials tell us". . . in their rush to churn out patriotic war hero tales, many Media organizations have altogether dispensed with the "ancient" art of fact-checking before broadcasting outright fallacies or plastering them on their websites. Hey, who would lie about being in Special Forces, or a Navy SEAL, or an Air Force Special Operations Para Jumper? An impostor, that's who. They do it every day. Full Story

F A K E :
Warrior Teacher on Call - NOT

The Daily Star of Oneonta also featured a photo of Robert C. Williams Jr. in his dormitory room, holding his Army-issued M-4 assault rifle, which he told the reporter the Army required him to keep with him at all times. Trouble is, Williams was lying.
Full Story

Man admits lying about being Navy SEAL; denies he did it for money
In a report last week, ABC Action News investigator Laura McElroy tracked down a man accused of posing as a Navy SEAL to scam a Pinellas County woman.
Full Story

Armitage: Of Myth and Men
Media reports continue to proclaim Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage to be a former U.S. Navy SEAL, nevermind that he wasn't. Full Story

International Con Artist and Fake SEAL Arrested
Heavily tattooed Frank Stephen Jett -- AKA Bear, Polar Bear and countless other aliases and SSNs -- fake SEAL and former U.S. Navy X-Ray Technician, at the request of U.S. Authorities, was arrested in August 2002 in Costa Rica by local authorities assisted by Interpol. Full Story

F A K E :
Updated: 01-17-2003

Hello from A.P.T.

The Ozark Mountain Gunfighters School, in Stone County near Springfield, MO is another one of those 'training' operations that teaches SWAT techniques to cops and other interested parties. According to some of the police officers who have attended the training, it ain't bad. They seem to know their stuff. There's just one thing wrong with the entire scenario, their head guy, BJ Johnson, claims to be a former SEAL who 'slit lots of throats' and was a sniper in Vietnam. Full Story

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