The Supply of Phony SEALs Never Seems to Dry Up

By Steven L. Waterman

This time we have an even half-dozen to add to the ever-increasing roles of these scumbags who claim the honor of those who have earned it.

Terrance “TJ” Van Brackle
Teaneck, NJ

The first is Terrence ‘TJ’ Van Brackle. He is the telecommunications supervisor for a law firm in NY. This slimy individual claims to have served not only in Vietnam, where he claims to have received the Purple Heart, in Desert Storm. After the attack on the World Trade Center, he had the gall to claim that he was being recalled to active duty and could not come to work, as he was waiting for a ‘chopper’ to transport him to a secret location as part of the U.S. Department Defense response to the WTC incident. It must be very secret as there is no Van Brackle who has ever graduated from BUD/S or UDT/R Training. In the photo he is shown wearing not only the SEAL Trident, but a set of submarine dolphins and another pin that appears to be the ‘boomer’ pin worn by crewmembers who have met certain requirements on board FBM Submarines. We have no knowledge of his service in the USN, if any, but we DO KNOW he was never a SEAL or Frogman

Update: the General Counsel at the Firm finally confronted TJ. He was asked to produce an ID Card, copy of orders, an additional copy of his DD-214, and the name and number of his Commanding Officer. When he could not produce any of the above items, he was FINALLY terminated after 14 years.

The sad part is that he never admitted he was a fraud.  He kept stating that he "could not open the box", as if there were some confidential reason.

Andres Otano
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Now we have Andres Otano, who claims not only to have been a Navy SEAL, but was actually a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, no mean feat in itself. Along with his fake SEAL claims, he also tells people that he holds the all-time record for kicking field goals for the USNA football team. This is a remarkable feat, considering the school says he was never on the football team. Not being satisfied with being a senior executive with Pfizer, he blows up his ego by wearing a Naval Officer’s uniform to the company party, complete with SEAL Trident. I guess maybe Viagra can be used to inflate egos, too.

Wayland Danley
Geneva County, Alabama
Candidate for Sheriff

In The Geneva County Reaper a press release announcing that he would seek election to the office of Geneva County Sheriff, Wayland Danley said:

“I believe I am the most qualified person to ever seek the office of Sheriff in Geneva County. I have two years of college in police science, successfully completed three police academies; was a patrol officer for two years and a Chief of Police for eight years.”

“I also served in the U.S. Navy where I was a qualified Navy Seal (note incorrect use of lower case. SEAL is an acronym.). During my time in the military I served in Vietnam and as an advisor to the South Vietnamese Military in the Mekong Delta, I know what it is like to see, feel and smell the horrors of war first hand.”

Well, he’s now going to find out what it is like to have his ass handed to him in an election ‘first-hand.’ There has never been a BUD/S Graduate by the last name Danley, so you can rest assured there has never been a SEAL by that name, either.

One of my old parachute jumping buddies from SEAL Team 2 who just happens to be a good friend of the present Geneva County Sheriff sent me the newspaper in which this article appeared.

What makes these phony bastards think they can get away with lies like this in the world of instant communications? Rest assured the present Sheriff of Geneva County can relax and look forward to a continuing career and good service in law enforcement in Geneva County, Alabama.

Richard M. Moore
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
San Diego, CA
(he has since left and moved to Tennessee)

Richard M. Moore claims to have been a SEAL who fought in Desert Storm where he was wounded (there were no SEAL casualties in Desert Storm) and received the Medal of Honor (there also were no Medals of Honor issued to ANYBODY for that conflict). Since this report came in, he has left Pfizer in San Diego and moved to Tennessee for a job there.

Kelly R. Sexton
First Assembly of
God Christian School & Day Care Center
Ocala, FL

So here we go again with a religious type claiming to be a former SEAL. This guy, when confronted by one of our people, threw a hissy fit and was going to sue everybody for calling him a liar. Well, he claims to be a former SEAL, was not, so he’s a liar - - end of story. This guy has been telling ‘war’ stories to the young kids under his tutelage and NONE of them are true regarding his time with the teams. A local former SEAL has confronted him and been met with hostilities. Sexton claims he’s lost the right temporal lobe of his brain and can’t remember a lot of his ‘military career’, but he somehow retained enough in the brain-housing group to get a Master’s in Education. Guess they don’t teach ethics in those classes where he studied. These are the worst type of fakes, those who are tasked with the education of young people. We don’t need these phonies putting out falsehoods and ‘war stories’ that didn’t happen. The truth is bad enough without embellishments from the fakes.

We have not had anyone come forward with quotes from his war stories, but the staff at the school were under the impression Sexton was a SEAL.

There are many more fake SEALs we are working on at present

Note: If any of you readers have heard stories from any of these guys, or know of others who have told ‘SEAL’ stories that have a slight rodent smell to them, let me know. I need more than one person for each candidate to verify that these people have made these claims. We don’t help defame ex-husbands and former lovers, so make sure you have more than one witness who is willing to come forward in the event it is required. As far as just checking to see if somebody is a former SEAL who has claimed to be, fill out this form.

Otherwise, send their stories to me at Please insure that you have left a phone number where you can be contacted. I will call you, so make sure that you leave a valid number and what time of day in your particular time zone is good to call you.


Steve Waterman

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