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by David H. Hackworth
All Rights Reserved

Hazardous Duty

by David H. Hackworth
Order Your Copy Today!

Having earned the trust and confidence of millions of soldiers around the world who cheered every word of his autobiography, About Face: The Odyssey of An American Warrior (1989), Hackworth now explains what's wrong with the military in HAZARDOUS DUTY - a real life, hard hitting, nonfiction thriller set in the ruins of Bosnia and the sands of Saudi Arabia, the deadly alleys of Mogadishu and the teeming streets of Port-au-Prince.

Colonel Hackworth returns from these new American battlefields to report that the Pentagon is wasting hundreds of billions of dollars gearing up to fight the wrong kind of wars. Colonel Hackworth offers a tough-love critique of American military leadership while assessing the new post-Cold War conflicts.

"I don't want to bash the military," writes Hackworth, who in addition to his duties at Newsweek also writes the nationally syndicated column 'Defending America', "But as an institution [the military] is not above criticism. It desperately needs honest critics who know what they are talking about, not ideologues of fools or people who have been co-opted, but tough-minded patriots who will push for a lean, mean, invincible and affordable defense force."

Published to precede the presidential elections and provide a wake up call for military reform, HAZARDOUS DUTY pulls no punches in calling America's top political and military leaders to account.

W H A T   O T H E R S   H A V E   S A I D

"Hack's back! And oh my God, he's badder, he's madder,
and he ain't firingany short rounds."
Chicago Tribune

"If you want to find out what is happening to the US military today,
you must read this book."
Lowell Aitken, LTC, US Army, retired

". . .because he loves the troops, because he cares so deeply about all ofthem from the bottom of his heart, he is the best qualified to be themilitary's harshest critic."
Star Banner

". . .an upclose look at American soldiers through the eyes of
anexperienced combat veteran."
San Diego Union Tribune

"Col. Hackworth shoots from the hip in a flurry of prose that is oftenhumorous, angry, and sarcastic at once."--The Dallas Morning News"Marching orders from an old soldier who's not about to fade away or closeranks."
Kirkus Review

"For those who've smelled cordite and felt the ground tremble beneath theirfeet, Hackworth's revelations about the Military Industrial CongressionalComplex and the Pentagon's penchant for promoting bureaucrats instead ofproven combat leaders will have an oh-too-familiar ring to them."
The Atlanta Journal, Sept. 22, 1996, J. Edwin Smith

". . .this is a feisty, heads-up brief. . .told with spirit by a warrior whonow
wields a pen instead of a sword."
Los Angeles World Affairs Council

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