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Deep Throat Returns:
Insider Notes from The Pentagon



Ready to Go to War
St. Valentine’s Day Massacre – Coming Soon to a Desert Near You!
A New World Order?
Not in the Mood for Credibility or Honor? Try Our Blue Plate Special!
Transformation, Evolution… Whatever
Give Us Our War… uh, I mean Circus!


Crimes of Omission
Combat Lobotomies – Who You Gonna Call?
Minority Reports
Mad Hatters and March Hares: Read All About It!!
Crib Sheet for Mr. Cheney: The First Hundred Years’ War

Duty, Honor and Avoiding Grammatical Pitfalls
NEWSFLASH! Deceit and Secrets Small Price to Pay, Say Some Public Servants
Unzip! Stand at Ease! Spin Chamber and Fire!
The Testosterone Wars

Orwellian? Not Really...
Committee for the Liberation of Iraq – Join Us!
Lord of the Flies Redux
The Don Dangerfield Show
Kim Chong-il Takes Your Calls
Trust Me, Ahmad!
Eight Bells Ringing
The "No Oil Bidness Left Behind" Act
Logic and Rationality: Detained Indefinitely
Spy Games Inc.
Chickenhawks, Report!
Multiple Choice in the Land of Oz
Saddam and Al Qaeda
Newtie and Company - the Real Banger Sisters?
"Belts and Suspenders"
E-Ring Dreams
The Cincinnati Story
Liberation Theology, Neocon-style
Objectives or Bust!
Lincoln speaks to Bush

Who says Iraq 2002 is like Vietnam circa 1960?
The Neocon's Worst Nightmare: It's not what you think!
Rumsfeld's Right About the Leakers…
You Go, Mr Cheney!
Osama and Richard

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