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by David H. Hackworth
All Rights Reserved

Brave Men
Odyssey of an Infantryman

by David H. Hackworth
Order Your Copy Today!

Condensed from Colonel David H. Hackworth's blockbuster New York Times bestseller, About Face, Brave Men is an explosive battlefield chronicle from one of America's most decorated soldiers. Vividly recalling his experiences as an infantry leader, Hackworth takes you to the steep, razor-backed hills and bone-chilling cold of Korea, to the steamy guerrilla-infested jungles of Vietnam, to the real wars fought in the chaos of close combat. Here is Hackworth himself, jumping onto tanks to fire .50 caliber guns...charging through the smoke of frag grenades to land in front of the enemy...taking prisoners at bayonet point with an empty rifle...revealing the brutal emotions of battle...and witnessing heroism of the highest order.

Here is the hard-fought, hard-won legacy of one man, who in 25 years amassed more than 110 medals. Brave Men stands as one of the most extraordinary military memoirs of our time.

W H A T   O T H E R S   H A V E   S A I D

An exceptional warrior...a soldier's soldier.
Hackworth has written a fine and affecting autobiography.

The Washington Post Book World


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