David H. Hackworth
8 September 1998


Ex United Nations weapons inspector William "Scott" Ritter is a national hero and should be awarded our country's highest medal. In Iraq, he stood above and beyond the call of duty for his country at great personal risk to himself.

No, he didn't knock out an Iraqi machine gun nest and then, even though grievously wounded, hold the position for several days.

In Iraq and recently in front of congress he exhibited that other kind of true grit: MORAL COURAGE -- a value fast disappearing in America. Today, too many Americans are too fast to ask not what can I do for my country. But what's in it for me.

But not Ritter.

His old fashioned heroism -- which cost him his job and forced him to endure insults from creeps like Senator Joe Bidin, a presidential wanabe until plagiarism got in his way and a Vietnam era draft dodger who tried his best to run damage control for Clinton's National Security Gang, which can't think straight -- is far more important to our country's national security than seizing and holding a bloody piece of real estate.

Until Ritter fell on his sword, he was the senior American inspector on the U.N. team in Iraq -- a tenacious and daring man who was Saddam Hussein's biggest nightmare. And since he left Iraq, old Loony Tunes hasn't stopped partying.

Last week at a Senate hearing, Ritter accused Bill Clinton's foreign policy fumblers of repeatedly shooting down his team's efforts to find Iraq's weapons of mass destruction "through interference and manipulation" which he charged "came from the highest levels of Clinton's administration."

He specifically fingered Madeleine Albright for talking out of both sides her mouth and arranging a deal in collusion with U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan to "avoid a confrontation with Iraq."

He told of two occasions where inspections were canceled when he had hard intelligence about where to find forbidden Iraqi missile parts and other horror weapons.

Ritter predicted to the gathered senators that without a gung-ho inspection program, Saddam could have weapons of mass destruction back in his military arsenal within six months.

And bet your boots that he will -- and that he'll employ them. After all, he used chemical weapons against the Iranians, his own people and was ready to use them against U.S. forces during Desert Storm.

Nor would he have any qualms about supplying bugs and germs to Osama bin Laden, to help him achieve his stated goal of causing America as much pain as possible.

Czechoslovakia, Albright's country of birth, was holocausted by Adolph Hitler after he broke his 1938 deal with Neville Chamberlain. Of all people, she should know from history not to play the diplomacy game when you're dealing with the devil.

Saddam and Hitler are alike. And it's not just the black mustaches, quirky mannerism and eagerness to kill people. Both must be regarded as evil, untrustworthy who only understand brute strength.

Too soon there'll be another High Noon in the desert because Saddam's a mass serial killer who only stays in his cage when struck repeatedly between the eyes with a 16 pound sledge hammer. Already our generals are beefing up our ground forces there and placing bombers on Guam. The Pentagon says these measures are for training, but my sources who fly the planes and drive the tanks say that within the next sixty days they'll be drawing hazardous duty pay again in the Gulf.

Clinton's got to set aside his personal problems, focus on Saddam, tell his national security team to get real and then pick up a big stick and start swinging.

With or without allies, Clinton must tell Saddam to follow the inspection rules agreed upon when he waved the white flag at the end of "The Storm" or that we'll take him out. He must be told that we'll start with his oil business and when that's in smoking ruins, we'll do a number on his military, one Tomahawk and Cruise missile at a time.

After a good run of hard thumps, his military leaders will appoint a new command-in-chief and our problems with Saddam will end just as they did with his mustached evil twin, Adolph Hitler.

The end