Defending America
David H. Hackworth
11 Nov 97


I had planned to write about our Veterans this week, those noble Americans who've made so many sacrifices defending our country, which ironically has spawned Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich and the Generation X gang -- the fat cats and brats whose values are 180 degrees out from the Vets who whipped the Japanese, Nazis, "evil empire", and the gangsters in Panama and Iraq.

Many of our Vets look at the snake oil pouring out of Washington and watch drug gangs peddling poison on our streets and ask: What did I fight for?

But, alas, brutal Saddam Hussein ruined this tirade. Once again, he's jumped out of his cage.

Is anyone surprised?

After all, Saddam's a master of miscalculation, no doubt the dumbest and now the most dangerous monster ever to grab power in the Middle East.

Saddam is doubly dangerous because he has an arsenal of mass destruction weapons squirreled away to cause a holocaust.

During his long war with Iran, he killed tens of thousands of Kurds and Iranians with chemical and biological weapons. With that death record, why would he hesitate to use them again against his neighbors, against the Israelis, against us?

Strategic analyst and author, Avigdor Haselkorn, says Israel came close to being snuffed out during the Gulf War by an Iraqi missile, which fortunately lobbed down in the empty desert. Israeli intelligence says the Iraqi version of the Soviet Scud B was loaded with a biological agent -- VX which sprayed in the right place in favorable weather could kill millions of people. U.S. and British intelligence sources support Haselkorn's conclusions.

Haselkorn says Saddam fired the Scud in a desperate attempt to avoid being stood up against a wall by Schwarzkopf's boys. He says "Bush had little choice but to abruptly order the suspension of hostilities, in effect submitting to Iraqi strategic blackmail."

What brought about this latest flap with the Iraqi madman is that U.N. inspectors were closing in on his new stockpile of VX nerve gas.

Needing to buy time, Saddam decided to beat up on Uncle Sam, a favorite tactic in the Middle East, where Saddam can always play Robin Hood and where Americans are as welcome as a tent full of fleas. So he banned Yanks from the U.N. team and threatened to shoot down our U-2 spy planes.

While "Bug-Out" Bill tried to figure out what to do, Saddam buried or shifted the death machinery and hundreds of tons of the chemicals needed to make VX.

Saddam grows on the Middle East like a cancer. Either cut it out or die.

Our military is broken, and we couldn't repeat Desert Storm without months of building up. We'd have to call up the reserves, train and deploy another huge force, while what's left of the old coalition leaves us like we had the plague. And by the way, Rihab Rashid Taha, AKA Doctor Death, Saddam's chemical/biological mixer has produced gallons of plague toxins on top of all the other weapons of mass destruction she's eagerly concocted.

Getting rid of Saddam would be easy. Simply close down the cash machine that permits him to hire the Republican Guard and other thugs who keep him in the killing business.

If I were in Clinton's loafers, I'd fax Saddam and generals my nightly target list of oil refineries, pumping stations and port facilities. Using B-2's, which should work in the desert where there's little rain, I'd take out a few oil facilities each night until the Iraqi generals decide to have a hanging party and appoint a new boss man. I'd also make huge craters of his VX plants.

If we don't put down Saddam he'll continue to hold the rest of the world hostage and continue to set the example for the other monsters. Syria, Iran, Libya and North Korea have followed his lead and are now producing low cost/low tech chemical and biological arms as fast as they can.

When a biopsy is positive you have to take action. Saddam Hussein's cancerous reign of terror must be cut out.

Have a happy Veteran's week and let's pray we don't dawdle again this time the way we did last time. We don't need another generation of broken or dead war veterans from this latest crisis in the desert.

END IT.....